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We cordially invite you to the Formula XI Conference

The world is changing, the way we look at chemistry is changing, consumer habits are changing. Formulation is at the heart of these concerns and, as an essential part of our daily lives, it must adapt and provide viable solutions in line with these changes. Energy, sustainability, environment, decarbonation, safety, must now be integrated into the development of new raw materials and formulations. Ingredients considered as « cleaner and more sustainable alternatives » and new formulations, which must be developed with a minimum of raw materials, wherever possible biobased, while maintaining performance, create new challenges.

The Formula conferences are a privileged place for researchers and industrials to meet and discuss. They bring together all those involved in the exciting, multidisciplinary, complex but extremely rich field of Formulation, whether they are manufacturers of formulated products, suppliers of specialty chemicals or researchers and academics in applied colloidal physical-chemistry or polymers in solution who are striving to design functional compounds or elucidate the underlying physicochemical mechanisms to understand and provide knowledge and guidance to the formulator.

This not-to-be-missed event has been a great success since its creation by the French Chemical Society (SCF). It covers all aspects of Formulation Science and Technology, from the most fundamental and theoretical to the most applied. The title of the conference « Solving challenges with integrative formulation » is intended to emphasize that scientific discoveries and technical innovation are the driving forces behind bringing new products to the market, meeting the ever-changing needs of customers and the planet.
This not-to-be-missed event has been a great success since its creation by the Formulation Group of the French Chemical Society (SCF).

The Formula XI conference will be held in Lille, France, from 3-6 July 2023, following the Formula X conference in Manchester in 2019, Formula IX in Beijing in 2017 and Formula VIII in Barcelona in 2015.

The invited lectures, the different and numerous presentations, as well as the poster sessions, will cover all areas of Formulation Science and Technology and will provide new cutting-edge aspects.

Invited speakers – FormulaXI – 2023

Olivier CHOULET - Ecoat

Conference title

« The chemistry of tomorrow after the ecological transition, make way for new models ! »

Tim J Wooster


Conference title

« Sustainable, Nutritious, Plant based and/or Dairy? How Nestlé is addressing its future formulation challenges using advanced & traditional approaches. »


Conference title

Ronald MARQUEZ, Phd


Partners and Sponsors FormulaXI 2023​

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